Can’t Read Good: 10 Celebs Suspected Of Being Illiterate

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mjb R. Kelly and Tasia Mae are the only celebs who admitted to being illiterate but we suspect there are plenty more based on the struggle-filled sentences and stressful grammar we see (and hear) from high-profile entertainers on the regular. Here are ten celebs suspected of being illiterate. Take a look.
collage2 Beyonce Queen Beysus has never really been articulate ("algebuh?"), and that's cool, but she insists on reminding everyone that she writes like a 7th grader. Oh, Bey.
collage Mary J. Blige She SANG about delicious crispy chicken wraps then acted like Burger King tricked her into doing it. Well, had she read the contract (IF she can even read) ....wait...
rsz_gucci-mane-school-career-day-600x800 Gucci Mane The pregnant rapper tweets like every child left behind, combined, with no regard for basic sentence structure or punctuation. You saw his tweets.
ty Tyrese He's either trolling humanity or the dumbest entertainer alive with a red squiggly line underneath his existence.
ck Chief Keef The mop-headed filthball is the unwashed face of the "Fawk Skool" generation who made "dumb" cool.
WakaSchool Waka Flocka Waka on voting: “Votin’ good. Votin’ cool." Waka on returning to school: “I might study and do um… geometry. I’m a mathematic person, real talk." Waka on the 2pac hologram: "That isht wack...You don't know what a dead man be wanting to do." Waka so wise.
ja Jaheim Leperd...kaun? Seriously? Like, did you even sound it out?
roddy Atlanta Falcons star receiver Roddy White Enter...acting? Enter. Acting. Even Gucci Mane knows "enter acting" is one word.
meekx Meek Mill Megaphone Milly raps in ALL CAPS to distract you from his english language struggles? Makes sense.
vern 49ers star tight end Vernon Davis "...who know how to do sew in weave good?" Vern, we free. You don't have to speak like a slave anymore.

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