Just Stop: Celebrities Who Flaunt Their Money Too Damn Much

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Celebrities Who Flaunt Their Money Too Much

Everyone wants to make it rain. Everyone wants to flaunt their money whenever the chance presents itself. But as Andre 3000 said, "Bill Gates don't dangle diamonds in the face of peasants when he Microsofting in the place." Maybe a little modestly would be good for these celebrities because right now we're tired of them and their boasting.
soulja-boy-lamborghini-chain Soulja Boy - Where's that money now?
50-soulja-boy-postimage1 50 Cent - He likes to partner up with a money fool and put the bling on blast.
birdmanlilwaynebirdman_26_wayne_stuntin271 Birdman - He got Wayne a suitcase full of cash -- $1 million -- for his Bday.
cali-dream-taylor-marrying-the-game The Game - He's always got some big wad of cash he's throwing around.
adrien-broner-stole-opponents-girlfriend Adrien Broner - He literally flushed money down the toilet for a Youtube video. Unreal.
rick-ross-bra Rick Ross - He threw a cool million on the floor at the strip club.
Diddy-at-a-basketball-game-countint-money Diddy - Just look at that pic lol
MeekMill1 Meek Mill - Even if he's just flaunting that one MMG chain he's still flaunting whatever he can.
marcus_jordan_1 Marcus Jordan - He is all about showing off his daddy's money...even though he didn't earn a damn thing.

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