Backstabbers! Celebrities Accused Of Betraying Their Friends

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Celebrities Who Betrayed Their Friends

*singing* "They smiiiile in your faaaace. Backstaaaabberrs." Isn't it horrible when someone stabs you in the back? Betrayal is the worst. But don't feel happens to celebrities too. Take a look at these stars who were betrayed by their friends.
Destiny's_child_get_on_the_bus Destiny's Child - They felt betrayed when Beyonce and Kelly split off and added Michelle to the group.  
jay electronica diddy Diddy - He felt stabbed in the back by Jay Electronica who signed with Jay and not him.
nba_g_lebron_delonte_576 LeBron James - If the rumors are true...well...
biggie-smalls-and-tupac-shakur-5983101-e1308230980227 Biggie and Pac - They betrayed each other in a sad turn of events.
pac suge Tupac - If the rumors about Suge Knight are true...
05_shyne Shyne - He felt betrayed that Diddy didn't bail him out during his jail bid.
kobe-shaq-2 Shaq - Kobe sent him packing and Shaq felt stabbed in the back over it.
jayz dame Dame Dash - He felt like Jigga stabbed him in the back by leaving Roc-A-Fella...then there's the rumored Aaliyah thing.
waka gucci Waka Flocka Flame - Gucci threw him under the bus on Twitter. They were such best buds.

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