Get Your Life Together: Slizzed Tweeker Lamar Odom Officially Charged With DUI!

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Lamar Odom

When it rains, it pours

Lamar Odom Officially Charged With DUI

According to TMZ reports:

Lamar Odom has just been charged with 1 count of DUI … TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story … Lamar was arrested August 30 at 3:25 AM on the 101 Freeway after cops saw him driving too slow. He flunked several field sobriety tests and was then cuffed and taken to jail, where he REFUSED to submit to a blood alcohol test.

The fact that he refused the blood alcohol test actually helped him … in that normally a defendant would be charged with 2 counts of DUI — driving under the influence and driving with .08 or higher.

Here’s the bad news — By refusing to take the test … Lamar will have his driver’s license suspended for 1 year.

As we first reported, law enforcement sources told us they believed Lamar was under the influence of both drugs and alcohol.

If convicted … the likely outcome would be probation and an alcohol ed course since he’s a first-time offender. These cases are almost always plea bargained.

Lamar will be arraigned on Sept. 27.

Drugs too eh? Lamar’s pee would probably burn a hole through the cup…

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