Swirly Girl Wasted: A Gallery Of Paula Patton’s HIGHEST Moments

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paula-patton-bet-award-molly Paula Patton is either A) the most "high on life" actress in Hollywood or B) a wildly-reckless, blurred line-snorting, Molly-popping, sizzurp-gargling druggy-swinger who's ALWAYS high on everything. You be the judge. Here's a photo gallery of Paula Patton's HIGHEST moments. Take a look.
paula-patton-bet-award-molly Paula gone off ALL the Mollies at the BET Awards.
pvmas Paula, Robin & all-you-can-snort blurred lines at the VMAs.
1oak-vma-8-25-13001 Paula swirly girl wasted at the VMAs after-party. You know you're a smidge TOO turnt when 2 Chainz is concerned.
BSnz5NACUAAoAXR ...15 minutes later. Paula on Pluto.
paula-patton-the-2013-espy-awards_3768858 Paula high as giraffe c00ch at the ESPYs.
luke-patton-kodjoe-songz-terrence-j-the-2013-bet-awards-inside-03 Paula high on everything--ALL of the drugs--at the BET Awards. Boris: "Uhh..." Trey Songz: "That's cool. I hit it first" Terrence J: "This bish..."
watch-what-happens-live-season-10-10048-episode Paula wasted on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" with NeNe. NeNe wasn't drunk or high enough to keep up.
PGG Turn down for what? (Golden Globes)
screen-shot-2013-06-30-at-9-25-16-pm Swinger life.
paulapattonpaulapattonextra5okgs2mg_ral Pepsi has never made anyone this happy but Molly has. Photo credit: Topsy, Bravotv.com, BET.com, MTV.com & Instagram

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