Don’t Call It A Comeback: 10 Celebrities Who Bounced Back From Scandals

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kobe-bryant-crying Celebrities find themselves in scandals all the time, but few make a comeback. Here are 10 celebrities who bounced back from scandals.
Ice-T and Coco in Vegas Ice T and Coco Rapper Ap.9 had Coco's deformed azz all over the Internet saying he chopped her down. Somehow Ice-T forgave Coco and the couple look happier than ever-- for now.
chad johnson Chad Ochostincko Chad recently got a gig analyzing fantasy football after headbutting Evelyn Lozada. It's not wide receiver, but hey a year ago the brutha had no job. It's an improvement.
vanessa-williams-beauty-620km012213-1363296972 Vanessa Williams Vanessa had to give up her Miss America crown after butt azz nekked photos emerged of her and another woman in 1983. Since then she has gone on to release albums, star in films and television-including Ugly Betty.
APTOPIX MTV Video Music Awards Show Kanye West Kanye West stole Taylor Swift's shine and mainstream America woudn't phuck with him for a minute. Slowly he got back in their good graces, released more hit music and became a Kardashian (side eye).
2646519-britney-spears-x-factor-617-409 Britney Spears Britney at her lowest point went batisht crazy on a photographer with an umbrella. If it wasn't for her dad saving her via conservatorship Britney would never be banking big bucks in Vegas.
Mike Vick Mike Vick After going to jail for running an illegal dog fighting ring, Mike is quarterback for the Philadelpha Eagles and he just debuted new line of Wavemasterz Wave Brushes. He getting back to the paper.
kobe-bryant-crying Kobe Bryant Kobe was accused of sexual assault in 2003, but the case was dismissed. Kobe has since won NBA championships, gold medals ad MVP awards.
robert downey Robert Downey Jr. He was in the headlines everyday in the 90s for his drug abuse and arrests... and then came Iron Man.
RihannaAndChrisBrownThinkingaboutMakingABabyDetailsInside Chris Brown Yes, he keeps geting into into trouble, but when he beat Rihanna's azz in 2008 no one would buy his albums, talk to him or spit in his direction. He bounced back with the the album F.A.M.E. Now, he if can just stay out of trouble he'd be good.
michael-phelps-4 Michael Phelps Michael got put on blast for his piff-puffin' ways in 2009 and lost nearly all his endorsements. He bounced back with 9 more gold Olympic medals.

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