Here, Here: 10 Things That Made Drake Sad On ‘Nothing Was The Same’

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Things That Make Drake Sad

Drake's new album Nothing Was The Same is a pretty big cryfest. There are plenty of things that make him sad on the album and he goes into detail about exactly what they are. We managed to listen close enough to catch his angst. Give buddy a hug.
DrakeNicki1 Not Talking To Nicki - They stopped talking over "personal" issues he didn't elaborate on.
Drake Fallon His Uncle - Drake's uncle got spoiled by his gifts and now acts like it's all part of the game.
Drake and his mother at the Grammy Awards Drake's Mom Is Still Sick - :(
screen-shot-2013-09-16-at-8-51-05-am Courtney At Hooters - Drake is pining for this Courtney chick from Hooters. Pull it together Aubrey.
Drake-Toronto-Raptors-Game-1 His Hometown - Drizzy says his hometown sort of treats him like an outsider.
Drake-and-Bria-Myles He Misses Bria Myles Too - Well, who wouldn't?
drakethumb He's Never Home - Poor Drizzy misses home.
drake Exes With Big Mouths - Exes trying to put him on blast and he's not with it.
Kendrick-Lamar Rappers Throwing Shade - Anyone catch the Kendrick jabs? Peep "Language" and let us know what you think.

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