Kingpins: 10 Non-Rappers Who Used To Sell Drugs

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Frank Ocean

Non-Rappers Who Sold Drugs

Rappers love to brag about the bricks they moved from place to place. It's what makes some of them feel important. We get it, drugs, drugs, drugs. Whatever. But drug dealing isn't relegated to MCs. These celebrities did it too.
lyfe Lyfe Jennings - The lovebird singer was doing dirt and has the record to prove it.
Frank Ocean Frank Ocean - He recently admitted to slanging in NOLA for a bit.
obama-facepalm-e1351628604711 Barack Obama - Rumor has it he sold a bit in college...we're a bit skeptical.
Allen Iverson Allen Iverson - He said he used to sell a bit before he focused on basketball. Good for him.
timallen78mug1 Tim Allen - He went to jail before he was famous for being a big time dealer.
Sam Hurd Sam Hurd - This Chicago Bear tried to be a real-time kingpin and it didn't go well.
Mark Wahlberg films a chase scene for the movie 'Pain and Gain' Mark Wahlberg - Marky Mark dropped out of school and sold a bit while he was off the beaten path.
dal_nate_newton_on_cowboys_1003 Nate Newton - He got arrested for hauling more than 200 pounds of narcotics while playing for the Dallas Cowboys!

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