Racial Draft 2013: 10 BIGGEST Embarrassments To Their Race

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Amanda Bynes appears in court in NYC charged with allegedly throwing a bong from her apartment window

After numerous cringe-worthy moments, culture violations and hate crimes against humanity, folks are FED UP with the attention-starved celebs on this list who’ve done nothing but embarrass and shame their own people in 2013.

Here are the ten biggest embarrassments to their race. Take a look.

george zimmerman

George Zimmerman

Profile: Most hated man in America. Sloppy, pathetic, gun-obsessed poo-stain who swears he’s a superhero. Murdered unarmed Black teen in “Self-defense.”


Miley Cyrus

Profile: World’s most notorious culture vulture. Struggle twerking hoodrat who ruined 20+ years of Black culture. Refuses to keep her unbrushed tongue in mouth.


Don Lemon

Profile: Awkward cornball brother who doesn’t understand his own people. Told Black men that pulling up their pants would end racism. Thought a high-top Boosie fade would make “The Blacks” accept him.


Gucci Mane

Profile: Attention-thirsty trap rapper who hates freedom, chapstick and wash rags. Arrested over 20 times in career. Puts periods anywhere in sentences with no regard for the English language.

Amanda Bynes appears in court in NYC charged with allegedly throwing a bong from her apartment window

Amanda Bynes

Profile: Suffered legendary mental breakdown this year. Completely insane, unloved and selfie-obsessed. Currently locked in a psychiatric ward.

Herman Cain

Herman Cain

Profile: His friends call him “Cornbread.” Perfect blend between Uncle Ruckus and Stephen in “Django.” Classic Republican Uncle Tom who HATES Pres. Obama and Liberal ideals.


Riff Raff

Profile: Most delusional, misguided and confused white man on Earth. Classic Black culture-obsessed “wi**er” with fuzzy zig-zag cornrows. Only wears “middle-of-the-hood-mall” jewelry/grills.

Psy performs Gangnam Style


Profile: Real-life Korean version of the WB frog. Stole the Apache “Jump on It” dance and made millions. His 15 minutes expired hours ago.


Tavis & Cornel (Package Deal)

Profile: Behave like scorned baby mamas when addressing Pres. Obama. Too focused on Obama to actually help FIX issues. Two biggest HATERS alive.


Julie Chen

Profile: Admitted to having surgery to look ‘less Asian’ for career advancement purposes.


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