Bad Break: 9 Celebrities Who Were Hoaxed, Scammed Or Ripped Off

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People are always trying to take advantage of celebrities and some fall prey. Here are 9 celebrities who were hoaxed, ripped off or scammed.

Manti Teo

Manti Te’o

America felt said for Manti after losing his grandmother and girlfriend at the same time. Then he made headlines when a girl who he was carrying on an online relationship with and he never met was a catfish. Dude became a joke for so many late-night comedians.


Pilar Sanders

While looking for a new boo Pilar became the latest dummy to be catfished by Instagram baller imposter “WeezyTKO”


Oprah Wiinfrey

Back in 2006 Oprah and the world were deceived by author James Frey after he admitted to lying about events in “A Million Little Pieces,” a book she endorsed.


Chris Andersen

Police searched his house after a Canadian woman impersonated him online and demanded gifts, money and she threatened at least one person.


Lil Wayne

Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne allegedly scammed Lil Wayne out of a lot of money after she told him she had cancer.

razb fight

Raz B

Raz B and the world were hoaxed after Raz B’s brother falsely leaked that he was in a coma (near death) after a bottling throwing incident in a Chinese nightclub.

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Kris Jenner

In Aug. two unemployed teenagers scammed Kris Jenner out of $70,000 in a credit card scam.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

Kobe took legal action against his poor mama for auctioning 1.5 million in high school memorabilia to buy a house in Nevada.


Justin Timberlake

Justin’s aunt was arrested after allegedly scamming his family out of $65,000.


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