Poor Thang: Crunchy Karrueche Says She Wishes She Wasn’t Famous Anymore “My Life Is Crazy”

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Why is she famous again?

Karrueche Tran Complains About Fame

Karate recently took Instagram account to whine about how shes misses the days of being a regular jumpoff girl. The attention slorin’ rice cake posted this photo and caption:



Yes, because gobbling Chris Brown’s peen is so difficult. The comment section lit up after Kae posted the picture and fired shots at her for complaining about living a seemingly fun life:

Before Chris put you tf on #JusSayin

yeah she’s happy she started sucking the right d*ck so she doesn’t have to work anymore

We all do, you weren’t a sucker who dated d*cks back then!

Hi Feng Shu, feeling emotional little boy?

Yes the days when you wasn’t a leech SMH stop acting like you can’t go back to that, You want to stay being a gold digger fake h*e


Do you think Kappa Alpha Psi should be complaining about her “crazy life” when she’s just known for being the girlfriend of Chris Brown?


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