Rumor: Lauren London Pregnant With Weezy’s Baby?!?

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Bossip just caught wind that Lauren London may be pregnant.

Last night my friend told me that Ms. London is expecting a baby and is 4 months pregnant. Although I can’t tell you who the father is, I can say that he is one of the top rappers in the country. Much love and let me be the first to send my congratulations and love…

With their on again, off again relationship within the last few years, Bossip speculates that it’s none other than Weezy. F. Baby (lots of babies). We would throw Diddy into the bunch, but he said “top rappers in the country” so that killed that sh*t immediately. Stay tuned….

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  • KC

    Lauren is HOTT, but Weezy? I’m sure this isn’t true. He was just hugged up with Nivea

  • WTHeezy,,,


  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    Slow down Weezy!!

  • Black.Woman

    Say what? I can’t see a woman like her dealing with Wayne. No way.

  • yoodle

    1st…Dang Weezy’s knocking them down and popping them out.

  • Lauren the Lurker

    eEEEww Muskrat lookin baby…

  • cmoore

    BS….i didnt even believe the rumors that they are dating.


    Pop-off #235!!!!!!

    Well, Weezy NEEDS

  • Da Actor

    I wouldnt doubt it, like Jody said on Baby Boy, “You like them thugs mamma!” LOL
    I aint hatin though, YOUNG MULA BABY!

  • SO WHAT!!!

    This prolly isnt true!!


    …to have a baby with someone who is a dime peice because if not, they will all look like fraggle rocks. lol

  • http://Bossip Ms. Meka

    I’ll believe it when I see it or when one of them confirm it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monie Baby

    if this is true lil wayne got some strong sperm bec he just had a baby boy in oct 08

  • me01

    Bossip you guys need to stop just posting anything, Wayne is with Nivea – and Lauren is not pregnant by him, maybe you are mistaken her for his baby momma a couple of months ago. This site is a trip….you guys also post one time that they were engaged, your site was wrong on all accounts..

  • anchord "HISTORY (new athem)"

    whut the blood clott!?!?!?!?

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