Can’t Stay Away: 10 Pro Ballers Who LOVE Dem Skrippers

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top There's no worse combination than flashy millionaire athletes, money-thirsty skrippers and (brown) liquor after midnight. Because when all three are in the same room, nothing good ever happens. Avoiding the night life, possible brawls and suspensions/fines seems easy but these skripper-obsessed ballers just can't stay away. Here are ten pro ballers who absolutely LOVE dem skrippers. Take a look.
Bryant_McKinnie_STRIPPERS Bryant McKinnie When you see the monstrous Ravens lineman flexing in the club, just know trouble isn't too far away. Notorious for his freaky boat party-turned-NFL scandal and overall love for nekkid p-poppers, he's always in the wrong place at the wrong time with the now infamous party bus brawl being his latest "mistake." sweet-pea-mckinnie-bus Party with #78 at your own risk. You see what happened to Jacoby Jones.
James-Harden-white-party-SSC James Harden The rising NBA superstar signed a five-year, $80 million deal and hasn't stopped blowing thousands on freaky dancers (and professional boppers) since. A thousand here, 10 thousand there, it's nothing to the 23-year-old bearded face of the Houston Rockets. hardenstacks Stack$$$ Harden.
Charles Barkley Charles Barkley The YOLO-minded NBA legend thanked "skrippers" during his Hall of Fame speech and admitted to bringing his own fresh $1 bills to avoid touching dirty bills in the club.
pacman1 Pacman Jones No one makes it rain quite like Pacman who once threw over $40,000 in a Vegas club that incited absolute chaos, gunshots and a man being paralyzed. He was suspended for the entire season and later ordered to pay $11.6 million in damages to club employees.
vince-young-at-the-club Vince Young Before James Harden, there was Vince Young who famously blew millions at skrip clubs, TGI Fridays and the Cheesecake Factory (etc). Pay homage.
albert-haynesworth-opns-3596 Albert Haynesworth The All-Pro defensive tackle-turned-worthless blob loved skrippers so much that he allegedly knocked one up during Super Bowl weekend in Miami.
Tiger Woods Tiger Woods The living legend sold the safe, squeaky clean cornball golfer image before his scary obsession with skrippers/freaky flick stars was exposed.
jason-kidd-knicks Jason Kidd The future Hall of Famer was smashing skripper hos in (several) different area codes before his wife of 10 years found out and divorced him.
dennis-rodman Dennis Rodman The hideous NBA legend calls himself a skrip-club "connoisseur" who's traveled to clubs around the world in between trips to North Korea to see his BFF Kim Jong-un.
Alex-Rodriguez1 Alex Rodriguez The wealthy MLB disgrace was caught with a mysterious blonde skripper by the paparazzi while on a road trip in Toronto. His wife Cynthia Rodriguez later cited his skripper-loving ways in divorce papers as one of the many reasons why she wanted out.
zach-randolph-chokes-blake-griffin Zach Randolph While still with the Blazers, the feared power forward was granted a leave of absence to deal with a death in the family and was caught in a skrip club the first night of his leave. Only Z-Bo. Photo credit: Topsy, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Yahoo, NBA & paul george catfish 1 Paul George - He loved one so much that he accidentally got her pregnant. Oops. Guests attend the wedding ceremony of Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto, held at the Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church Patrick Ewing - As part of the Gold Club scandal trial, he admitted to getting 6-10 women a night. Really. hines-ward-girlfriend Hines Ward - He got in trouble for being out at the skrip club a few days before the Super Bowl. He couldn't be studying instead? Fred Smoot - He led the grand skripper party in Minnesota that got a ton of players in trouble. Jerry Jones Dallas Cowboys Owner Super Bowl XLV Jerry Jones - He's not an athlete per se, but he's spent quite a lot of time with nighttime dancers. 381123_267132216681629_100001545581380_734495_1627840323_n Ray Edwards - He had a long-term relationship with a dancer and even had selfie portraits done. Sherry and John Daly Jon Daly - His wife wrote about his secret life of skrippers and chicanery.

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