Happy Crack-iversary! Lamar Odom Plans To Surprise Khloe With $100,000 Gift To Mark 4th Year Of Matrimony-dom

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The biggest crack rock in the world???

According to TMZ reports:

Lamar Odom came back to L.A. from the Palm Springs area Wednesday night and got a MASSIVE amount of cash … and he’s telling people he’s spending it on an anniversary present for Khloe Kardashian.

Sources connected to Lamar tell us … he wants to surprise Khloe with something big today — for their anniversary — that will blow her away. We’re told he plans to spend “well over $100,000” on a present. Sadly, he doesn’t understand the only thing that would achieve the goal of blowing Khloe away — in a good way — would be if he lays off crack and goes to rehab.

Lamar told people on Thursday he wants to take Khloe to Santa Barbara today where they would spend the night. Our Kardashian sources say there’s no way Khloe is going anywhere with Lamar given his current state.

As for Khloe, we’re told she’s not giving up on the marriage but she’s pessimistic. One person who regularly speaks to Khloe told us she’s saying, “I’m just hoping for a miracle.”

How the hell is this ninja gonna buy his marriage back after spending the last few days gettin’ high and chopping down young girls??

This has the potential to go ALL bad…smh

On the flipper you can read the cryptic Instagram pic that Khloe post suggesting that she still wants Lamar’s ring on her finger.

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