Kanye West Gives French Paparazzi Respect [VIDEO]

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Paparazzi ranks high on Kanye West’s list of dislikes. But during a trip to France over the weekend, he was a lot more accepting of local photogs than those in the states.

“Don’t ask questions; just take the video,” prefaced West in a statement while getting out of his car. “I like how you guys move out here. You guys got total respect for yourselves. You’re, like, mad respectful to people that you’re photographing and you take time off.”




Tina Turner waited until 73 to strut down the aisle again, and now she thinks Oprah needs to do the same. But O is not playing these marriage pressure games. The media mogul recently sat down with Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson and she proved she hasn’t budged on her unmarried woman status. In fact, Oprah said even when her good friend Tina Turner tried to convince her to walk down the aisle with her man of 27 years, Stedman, Oprah politely let her know that she plans to leave this earth as an unmarried woman…





Last week while you all were stockpiling your red wine and popcorn supplies for the season premiere of Scandal (since apparently that’s basically all Olivia eats) we heard some pretty awesome Scandal-related news. Basically, Scandal and Saks Fifth Avenue are becoming a power couple; the store is partnering with the hit prime-time drama on a multi-platform (in-store, on-screen, and online) collaboration to celebrate the show’s iconic style choices, primarily Olivia Pope’s. The collaboration is set to launch at an event this coming Wednesday, October 2–one day before the show’s season premiere–at the New York Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store…


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