Bad Genes: 9 Celebrities Who Had Parents With Addictions

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keyshia-cole-frankie-e1313675109648 Avoiding getting slizzard and addicted to drugs in the entertainment industry is hard when temptation is everywhere, but it's especially hard when your parents have a history of addiction. Here are 9 celebrities who had parents with addictions.
mama-dee-erica-dixon-fight-lhhatl-season-2-the-jasmine-brand1 Erica Dixon Erica and her mom Mignon discussed her past addiction to smoking rocks on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. The addiction caused her to go in and out of jail and lose her kids.
lamar-odom-dad-feat Lamar Odom Lamar may have his genes to blame for his current drug issues as his father Joe battled with h-ron and smoking rocks in the past.
Rihanna w/ Dad sister Samantha and brothers Rihanna Rihanna  walked in on her dad Ronald sniffing yayo as a child in their Barbados home.
keyshia-cole-frankie-e1313675109648 Keyshia Cole Keyshia's mom Frankie had such a bad drug problem, Keyshia had to be put up for adoption. In 2011, the former "Celebrity Rehab" star was arrested for possession of drug-related materials.
JadaWillowAdrienne1 Jada Pinkett Jada's stepdad recently admitted he and her mom Adrienne used to sniff yayo and blamed himself for Jada's many addictions.
Michael and Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan Lindsay's dad Michael  has struggled with yayo, getting slizzard and going in and out of rehab for years. He was also on "Celebrity Rehab 5" with Dr. Drew.
tatumoneal76 Tatum O'Neal Tatum alleged she was molested by her father's drug dealer and in 2008 Ryan was arrested at his home for drug possession. He later denied the allegations.
nicki-minaj-commercial Nicki Minaj Nicki discussed her father's drug addiction and slizzard ways on the MTV documentary "My Time Now."
oscars-2013-beauty-halle-berry-revlon-h724 Halle Berry Halle alleged her father was an alcoholic who became violent as a result of his addiction.

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