Baby Bumpin’ Or Nah? Kerry Washington Steps Out In NYC Still Looking Like She’s Toting A Little Tot-To-Be

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Does Kerry Washington Have A Baby Bump?

‘Scandal’ leading lady and resident Hollywood banger Kerry Washington has had the rumor mill swirling with talk that she’s about to become a mother sometime within the next 6 months ever since last month’s Emmy Awards.

Although Kerry has remained mum on the pregnancy rumors, her loose-fitting outfit choices have continued to fuel the fire for the last month, even up until yesterday, when she stopped to pose for the paps in this black & white dress (pictured above) before heading in for an appearance on “The Daily Show.”

Also considering that Olivia Kerry suddenly got married out of no where less than 4 months ago and the fact that she’s normally one of the most slimmy-trimmy women in Hollyweird, all signs seem to point to mommy-hood in the very near future.

Do you think Kerry is hiding a lil gladiator in waiting? Take a look at a few more of her outfit choices…and noticeable “mommy glow” from the last 2 months and decide for yourself.

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