“Juelz is Hooked on Syrup and I Spoke With His Mother About it”

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Cam has come out the wood-work with some pretty raunchy and telling accusations against Juelz Santana. Cam’ron says he is hooked on dope and that he already has spoken to Juelz’s mother about it:

Judging from the information Cam’ron gave in recent interviews, it seemed that a Dipset reunion may be on the horizon. Things have apparently taken a turn for the worse, however, as he has just come out with some shady allegations against Juelz Santana. Cam’ron recently sat down with Miss Info and told her all about his former friend and collaborator’s alleged drug abuse. “Juelz started drinking syrup, Robitussin,”…Cam’ron said “He got hooked on it, addicted to it, you go to the studio he got, like, a hundred Hawaiian Punches already pre-mixed with the stuff in it. So I kinda stopped speaking to him like, we already smoked mad weed, we don’t need to be on Robitussin.” Cam further stated that his concern over Juelz alleged drug use lead him to contact his family. “I called his mother about it. I called his closest friends about it. They knew it, knew about it. They was like, ‘Yo Cam it’s not that bad’…I’m like yo, that’s like saying you just smoke a little bit of crack, it ain’t that much crack…So that’s kinda how I shot away from Juelz. It was even a point where Jim [Jones] called me like, ‘What’s going on with you and Juelz’…I said, he’s on drugs.”

Damn, those are some pretty wild accusations for someone who claims they don’t snitch…



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