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Seal Heidi Klum

Seal was photographed looking at his wife’s asscrack last week at the Victoria’s Secret show.

Fill in the Blank: Seal was thinking ___________________________.

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  • Say What?

    Is this for real? Please tell me she did not walk out the house with her azz showing!! 1st

  • MissJ

    “Gonna get me some of that flat booty in just a few hours….”

  • Shaka Zulu

    All my life, all I ever wanted was a WHITE WOMAN!

  • Will J. Powers

    “I’m gonna tax that ass like the government.”

  • Mami_Chulo

    Damn, What a flat azz!

  • reddnwood

    Yeah we both are gettin’ ready to rip this fashion show & then I’m gonna rip dat azz!!! LOL!!!

  • realitycheck

    Now if that spine with a crack could just sprout some cheeks……


    Don’t knock it to you try it. I love all races when it comes to women but there ain’t nothing like a good white girl. I like the proper, the ghetto, and the plain. As long as they ain’t gothic I’ll look and think the same way Seal is lookin.

  • nono

    i scored this? DAMN.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Ewww, I’m eating lunch…

  • Southern Belle

    damn, my wife suffers from noassatall!

  • lucky

    I’m bout to tear that up!

  • nahnah

    damn, i wanna bury my shiny head in that ass crack.

    btw, is that some sort of fashion statement? that’s absolutely disgusting!

  • nahnah

    i wonder if she realized her ass was out! i swear, that should be illegal!

  • jay-nova

    He’s making sure there are no little bits of tissue left.

  • Shawn08

    Not cute at all…That is trashy, not classy!!!

  • kdogg

    I’ve seen plenty of you sistas,( trying to wear those low-rise jeans that were not made for you in the first place,) look like this. Crack all out. Of course on a lot of you it looks more like cleavage. Still, its equally distasteful.

  • txshawty

    Seal: It IS a smile turned on its side…she’s so sweet {smiles back}

  • txshawty

    kdogg lol! I’ve seen that too, I honestly hate low rise jeans…if I can’t find anymore, I’ll pull them mugs up, be flooding, call em some capris and call it a day!


    Heffa look stank, truly!

  • nahnah

    lmao @ crack all out!

    lmao @ cleavage!

  • david

    Enter here.

  • kai

    That fool is sweating like a black ass pig.

  • John

    Why the hell did she leave the house looking like this!!

  • jay

    Cant wait to have her kneel on her knees so I can beat it up doggie. Ruff, ruff.

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