Kush Chronic-les: Justin Bieber Put On Blast In Piff-Puffin’ Pic That Shows Him Holding A Blunt Of Some Green Yahmean!

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Justin Bieber blunt

Aye, aye, aaaaa-ye, smoke with the Biebs everyday!

A Photo Of Justin Bieber Smoking Marijuana Appears On Social Media

According to TMZ reports:

Justin Bieber may have been photographed smoking at a party again — only this time Biebs got snapped sitting next to a celeb he was reportedly banging.

The photo has been all over social media today … showing Bieber sitting next to a girl that looks a helluva lot like Ariana Grande — and he appears to be holding a long joint.

As you may recall, Bieber was photographed similarly back in January … when he was seen holding what looked like a joint at a Newport Beach party.

Sources close to both singers say the girl in the photo is NOT Ariana Grande — and the pic was photoshopped to look like Bieber was lighting up.

However our crack art department begs to differ — saying the light source seems consistent … and any indicators of a doctored photo are non-existent.

At this point it’s no secret the Justin gets lifted, he should probably just do it somewhere where there aren’t thirst-buckets who want to get popular putting his business on the internets.

Image via Instagram

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