Aging Humpback: 10 Signs Jay-Z Is Getting Old

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Signs Jay Z Is Getting Old

Jay Z is getting old, y’all. It’s hard to face the facts, but it’s true. Jigga man is not only old in age, but he’s showing how old he is by the way he acts. It’s weird to watch but it’s true. Take a look at how we can tell.

Beyonce and Jay-z spotted leaving PHD Rooftop in NYC for a star-studded VMA afterparty.

He’s Forgetting His Lyrics – Old people tend to forget things. We see it.


Man Can Barely Ride A Bike Anymore – Look at that man.


He’s Got That Old Dad Look


He Has Old Man Body – All struggle.


He’s Rapping Worse – The talent is waning every day…it happens.


He Looks Weird When He Dresses Younger – The rap look doesn’t fit you, Hov.


He Doesn’t Understand Twitter – At all.


He’s Gotten…Corny? – He’s less swag and more Bob Saget. Maybe he was always socially awkward but sheesh.

40 40 Ten Year

The Pee Wee Herman – We should have known then.


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