Real Olivia Popes: The Most Infamous Political Mistresses Of All Time

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Most Infamous Political Mistresses Of All Time

Politicians are the worst dirty dogs around. There’s just something about them that’s gearing up to find a mistress at all costs. Aren’t these supposed to be trustworthy people…then why can’t their wives even trust them? Here are some of the most memorable mistresses politicians ever had.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe – She’s the most infamous mistress of all time who chopped down JFK.


Monica Lewinsky – She domed up President Clinton a while ago and sent the country to chaos…or something.


Christine Beatty – She’s Kwame Kilpatrick’s mistress and is trying to clean him out.


Sydney Leathers – Anthony Weiner’s text buddy is pretty famous these days, don’t you think?


Gennifer Flowers – Another one of Bill Clinton’s mistresses…


Rielle Hunter – Johnathan Edwards’ mistress even wrote a book about it.

Ashley Dupre seen walking her dog in the West Village in New York City

Ashley Dupre – She’s one of Eliot Spitzer’s many prostitutes that put him on blast.


Paula Broadwell – She’s General Patraeus’ biographer who also slept with him…raunchy.


Donna Rice – She ended Gary Hart’s Presidential campaign when he was caught chopping her down on a boat in 1988.


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