The Hard Knocks of Recession Are Banging on the Doors of Black Colleges

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Things are getting hard for a lot of entities in the U.S., and HBCU’s are feeling the financial strain as well:

Reuters is reporting that black colleges in the United States are reeling from the impact of a recession that has hit their funding and are struggling to retain poor and middle income students.

The big government economic stimulus package President Barack Obama is expected to sign today could provide some relief in a downturn that is hurting dozens of small, private universities set up for African Americans that lack big endowments and rely on tuition fees.

The colleges are a legacy of an era when black students were barred from white-dominated higher education. Although the country now has its first black president in Obama, these institutions still play a valuable role, educators and politicians say.

Many U.S. universities have been affected by the recession, which has eroded state and private funding for education. But a majority of students at black colleges come from low- or middle-income families, making them and their schools more vulnerable to the economic squeeze. As it bites, students struggle to get loans and scholarships, and the colleges struggle to pay bills.

In a dramatic example, Clark Atlanta University laid off 70 of its 229 full-time faculty members and consolidated classes in its arts and science school last week when 300 students out of an enrollment of about 4,000 failed to return for the spring semester because of cost.

“Ninety-eight percent of our students require financial aid. As that became less accessible, increasingly our students have found they were unable to return,” said spokeswoman Jennifer Jiles.

As if there weren’t enough challenges with getting black kids to go to school.  SMH

Suggestions, anyone??

More pics of HBCU’s below.




  • told you so

    education reform and easier state/fed assistance. not to mention HBCU’s need better instructors.

  • Aunt Viv

    I didn’t go to an HBCU, but it’s still sad to hear about the situation :(

  • DICooper

    Well this would be a far cry for the correct appropriation of stimulus money, but certainly a deserving cause.

    I know that Tom Joyner is doing his part, but a lot of alumni need to start digging in their pockets, myself included.

    The Talented Tenth could afford to have better memories of their School Daze. Too many of us start making dough and forget all about the struggle.

  • told you so

    oooh. 1st.
    Now back to my soap box. HBCU’s need to get more/better assistance from government. They need to attract bettor instructors/professors which means they need to provide better compensation for those that choose to become faculty at HBCU’s. HBCU’s need to work very hard at remaining accredited. There is a ton more shit they can do to remain viable educational institutions but frankly after getting my degree from one, I put the place far behind me.

  • DICooper

    And I don’t know about all of the HBCUs, I’m really just an expert on one: The Mecca.

    Howard Unversity has some of the best professors in the game. The cosmopolitan city of DC keeps the big names happy, and I believe that is the major difference for the Bison.

  • MACK

    ^^^^ Tru Dat @ DICooper

  • truth, iam a girl

    Yes it has happened to me … and a friend..DARN YOU SCHOOLS AND LOANS AND AMERICA!!! wE CANT GET IN TO SCHOOL CAUSE OF MONEY!!!

  • told you so

    Yeah, not all HBCU’s produce alum that can afford to give back to the institutions.
    Sadly, more than a few may have to close. In order to keep most of them up, it’s going to take a concerted effort from some of the more successful HBCU’s possibly loaning the small institutions instructors or money in order to remain competitive or some type of government incentives to teach at those troubled institutions.

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    Wow!! I attended an HBCU (UAPB) It’s sad to see that these institutions are having these struggles. The experience of going to an HBCU has it’s up’s and down’s but I’m not going to elaborate and crank up any arguments. I hope things get better

  • Miss_Missy

    Proud graduate of a HBCU (Xavier University of Louisiana- #1 in placing African American Students into Medical Schools and #1 in producing African Americans with degrees in the Physical Sciences ((sorry for the promo lol)) ).

    I support HBCU’s and I hope that all schools public and private can pull through this w/o having to make drastic changes that will hurt the schools in the long run.

  • jena4rmthablock

    I aint surprised, some HBCU’s dont handle their funds correctly. I know I went to one. To those who are a victim of the times, I am sorry, but other money loitering HBCU’s got what they had coming…

  • shar

    Its the same in the UK after our greedy incompetent politicians make us pay. So then they have to bus in graduates when they have wasted resourses (uneducated citizens).

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    @ jena

    How true, I was shocked at how many faculty members have been removed for skimmin of the top at my former school

  • Michael B

    I am a Freshman at Hampton University and yea it ain easy.. Im sittin here now tryna figure how imma get here next year. It would be greatly appreciated if we as students could get support from other sources…

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    I went to an HBCU. I would be crushed if this recession takes a heavy toll on HBCU’s.

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