Say What You Mean! The Most Passive Aggressive Celebrities Around

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Most Passive Aggressive Celebrities

We all like real-life head-on collisions. They get the people talking. But some celebrities would rather just sit around and make passive aggressive comments and actions without being straight-up about it. You scared? Whatever the reason, these celebrities would rather say things on the sly than go at someone like a G. Dah well. We’re not dumb, though.


Beyonce – Bey put out the “Bow Down” song in a response to a ton of ladies but she didn’t want to name names *cough*Keyshia Cole*cough*.


Drake – He doesn’t ever mention a rapper’s name. And when he wanted to get back at Future he just dropped him from the tour.


Lil Wayne – Weezy is another one who won’t name names. Unless he’s talking about the city of New York.


Jay Z – He’ll aim at you if provoked…but for the most part, he’s all about the subliminals and slick talk.


Rick Ross – He’s behind-the-scenes like a boss…*snicker*


Rihanna – Seriously, the video about Teyana Taylor was super passive aggressive, just like putting shades on rice cakes.


Frank Ocean – This shirt was passive aggressive as hell.


Tom Brady – He’s a severely passive aggressive athlete who will show you up on the field at any moment.


Taylor Swift – She made it sound like it was all fun and games over the Kanye thing but she has been passive aggressively clowning him since.


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