Race Matters: Indiana Shopping Center Posts Sign Outside Depicting President Obama With Hitler Mustache

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Racism is alive and well.

Sign Outside Indiana Shop Shows Obama With Hitler Mustache

Obama is the president and even though some people didn’t want a black man in office, they need to respect it.

According to Raw Story

A video billboard outside a northeast Indiana shopping center shows a picture of President Barack Obama wearing an Adolf Hitler mustache.

The billboard flashes the image at the start of a display that next flashes the words “Impeach” and “Obama.”

The sign’s owner said the images were a paid advertisement that wasn’t associated with any of the businesses at Cornerstone Plaza on U.S. 6 in Kendallville, about 20 miles north of Fort Wayne.

The sign also included another message linked to LaRouchePac, a political action committee formed by former presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, and third that seeks to restore the Glass-Steagall Act, a Depression-era law that limited activities between commercial banks and securities firms.

Supporters of LaRouche, who has promoted a number of conspiracy theories and was convicted in 1988 of mail fraud and tax code violations, have in the past circulated posters and flyers showing Obama with a mustache like Hitler’s, and his PAC has called restoration of the Glass-Stegall legislation as “the indisputable first step to global economic recovery.”

Mayor Suzanne Handshoe said the message was inappropriate, regardless of a person’s views of the president, and didn’t reflect a message the city would want to send.



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