For The Celebrity Seeds: 9 Famous Folks Who’ve Been Accused Of Being Bad Parents

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khloekardashianlamarodomarrivingflight7ejtdq5-s4ol Sometimes celebrities get caught up in fame and money and end up neglecting their kids. Here are 9 celebrities known for being bad parents.
IFWT-chad-ochocinco121211111 Chad Ochostinko Chad asked a judge to reduce his $5,240 a month child support because his lack of gwap. His baby mama asked the judge to deny his request.
fif-marquise 50 Cent 50 didn't bother to sign the birth certificate for the child he fathered with his secret baby mama Daphne Joy. He also told his son Marquis, "eff you" in an epic text rant.
khloekardashianlamarodomarrivingflight7ejtdq5-s4ol Lamar Odom Lamar's kids were recently left "disappointed" and "saddened" by Lamar cancelling the first visit to see them in months. Lamar started partying hours before his trip and lost track of time. Poor kids.
octomom nadya suleman Octomom Octomom already had six kids before she decided to shoot herself up with more seed--bringing her grand total to 14 kids. Those rugrats were and are a financial burden.  She even went crying to Oprah for help. Plus, the chick starred in a freaky flick. Ewww.
Minnesota Vikings Press Conference Adrian Peterson The guy has secret baby mamas popping up everywhere and his latest baby moms said she had to sue him for $52,000 in unpaid child support.
dwight2 Dwight Howard Besides spreading his seed around, Dwight demanded his 6th baby mama raise their newborn by herself in California so he could focus on basketball. Cold.
Schwarzenegger Holds Press Conference On California Budget Crisis Arnold Swarzenegger He cheated on his wife with the maid and didn't acknowledge his son until the affair became public.
farrah-abraham1 Farrah Abraham Attention slorin' Farrah made $ 1 million by starring in a freaky flick. We wonder how she's going to feel when her baby grows up to see mama busting wide open on video.
drayaeaster Draya Bad parent rumors stuck to Draya like white on rice.  She got hit with everything from she starved her son to she let him live in unsafe living conditions. She denied these claims and has since moved her son and mom into her house in L.A.

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