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Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes

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  • Sara

    Madonna, get that girl some grooming. STAT!Seriously, can Madonna not afford to get this poor girl a decent wax job?? Or is that also against her religion? When she starts plucking and waxing, she’s gonna be a KNOCKOUT. Until then, leave her alone. She’s just a kid.

  • Say What?

    after the waxing get this girl to a dentist!

  • AND...

    OMG. This chick has a unibrow and a mustache. OMG.

  • JawJa Swag


  • Anonymous3

    I understand if Madonna doesn’t want her daughter to have Hollywood standard body issues by insisting that she start waxing and plucking and whitening and enlarging before she becomes an adult….her daughter is still a child people….However, that being said…I wonder what her daughter thinks about her extra facial hair….for all we know she may be fine with it…..

  • Mary J Blige

    i know you just ost those messages automatically but seriously “she is still hot”? You are so wrong for that. So wrong.

    Grown ass women should not be clowin Lourdes. You cn see that she is retty. Madonna is a loving mother who doesn’t want to put her daughter through the unnecessary pain and tedium of getting waxed. That’s her daughter and she thinks she is beautiful as she is. And so do I. Cora, my mum, only let me and Latonya perm when we could make the decision for ourselves. Never force your child to go through a beauty treatment.

  • Mary J Blige


  • Mary J Blige




    im not gonna sit here and disrespect a child! LEAVE THIS LIL GIRL ALONE!

  • feefer

    gotta agree w/MJB. grown ass folks PERIOD should not be clownin little Lola. she is not a “chick” she’s a CHILD! it would be cruel to force the kid to undergo waxing at this age. it’s like telling the little girl something is wrong w/her. it’s just a lil extra hair, sheesh.

    now when she gets a few years older and expresses her own desire to remove the brow and ‘stache, then and only then should Madonna let her get waxed.


    She is a child. Let her grown into herself! You people are disgusting!

  • The One

    She will be a cute kid once she waxes and get braces to take care of those teeth. We all went through ruff stages as a kid. Now Mama Tina that is one scary looking lady and there is no help for her.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Wow, Mary Fayke, who knew that you could cuss like a drunken sailor one minute and get your preach on the next? ;-)

    Anyhoo, back to Lourdes, so she’s a tad bit hairy? She’ll groom herself when the time comes. She’s a cute girl and in a few years, she’s gonna be a beauty.

    Jesus take the Wheel and please don’t let Will cross over to the other side…

  • TiPsY


  • CandidYhams

    1)Madonna’s Daughter = I know some chinese girls that have that wax for sensitive skin .. they can just put it right there in the middle and *peel* right off, quickly!

    2)Kim Kardashian = normal body, like implants on the butt and breast and nose surgery and veniers are natural .. loves the madness in hollyweird

    Are You Feelin’ Beyonce’s Get Up? I’m Not Obsessed

    JLo = leave her alone .. those calienta twin girls are just battling for more space – she’ll be just fine

    Lil’ Romeo = good for him and it’s free too!? nice

    Britney = is a hot mess and so is her family. next?

    Biggie = ask Suge knight and Puffy, they know what’s REALLY good, right diddy?

    Eddie Murphy = is gay and loves transexuals .. why should he meet his kid, he’s not planning of being in her life .. don’t confuse the poor kid, let her think belefonte is the real daddy – in other news, I love Melanie on DWTS

    Will Smith = HAS been a scientologist .. duh!

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