We’re All Fans: Who Are Your Favorite Rappers’ Favorite Rappers?

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Who Are These Rappers' Favorite Rappers?

Rappers are all about being aggressive and angry with each other. But they also like to say nice things on occasion. Go figure. These rappers are happy to tell you who their favorites are. Take a look and feel the love.
kanye-west-runaway Kanye West - He's always said his favorite rapper coming up was Mase.
jay-z Lil Wayne - His favorite rapper has always been Jay...despite the battles.
Eminem Eminem - His favorite MC has always been Redman and he's shouted him out on tracks.
Jay-Z and Biggie Performing Jay Z - He said Biggie is his favorite, which totally makes sense.
Wiz Khalifa at Worship Thursdays Wiz Khalifa - He puts Bone Thugs N Harmony over everyone...
pusha3 Pusha T - He declared Big Daddy Kane as his favorite rapper of all time.
Outkast - Album Launch Party Big Boi - His favorite rapper NOW is Big KRIT.
lupe-fiasco-removed-from-stage-after-anti-barack-obama-comments-0 Lupe Fiasco - He said MF DOOM and Eminem are the best rappers in the world.
VIBE Music Festival - Day 2 Andre 3000 - 3 Stacks said his favorite growing up was Q-Tip and Tribe Called Quest.
killermike Killer Mike - His favorite rapper is Scarface and he's adamant about it.

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