Catch Me If You Can: Another White Man Caught Stealing Billions

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Bernie Maddoff was caught stealing over $50 billion and now there is a new case of billion dollar fraud:

Texas financier R. Allen Stanford is accused of cheating 50,000 customers out of $8 billion dollars but despite raids Tuesday of his financial empire in Houston, Memphis, and Tupelo, Miss., federal authorities say they do not know the current whereabouts of the CEO. The SEC alleges financier Robert Allen Stanford is running a Madoff-like scheme. The Securities Exchange Commission alleges Stanford ran a fraud promising investors impossible returns, much like Bernard Madoff’s $50 billion alleged Ponzi scheme.

While one-time is chasing that little guy on the street for a nickel bag of weed, we are pretty sure some rich folks are somewhere stealing billions. SMH. As you can see in the picture, this guy owned some banks in Antigua and everyone is trying to get their money out. Word is he tried to pay for a private plane ride yesterday to Antigua but the plane service wouldn’t accept his credit card, only a wire.


Here are some customers today trying to get their money out of the Stanford bank in Antigua. SMH.


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