Angry Bird Behavior: Keyshia Cole Blocks Fan On Twitter After Being Told She Should Treat Hubby Boobie Better

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Keyshia must really hate her husband

Keyshia Cole Blocks Fan On Twitter For Complimenting Husband

Via UB Magazine reports:

When the media began to focus on Keyshia’s troubled marriage, she made the conscious choice to start keeping her marriage issues to herself, in which her fans agreed in large numbers. However, Keyshia did share with her fans the lavish gifts her hubby got her for her birthday the other day; and considering he gave her a diamond bracelet, a cute pig and a trip to the Bahamas via a private jet, we think it’s safe to say that Daniel isn’t giving up on getting back in his wife’s good graces anytime soon. But that doesn’t quite mean that Keyshia is fully ready to patch things up just yet. And judging by a recent tweet, she’s still not quite on board just yet, despite the glamorous birthday presidents.

In fact, a fan recently tweeted Keyshia about her hubby and when she told the singer she had a great husband and she needed to treat him well, Keyshia decided to block her:



Keyshia‘s hoodbooger fans decided to chime in and go IN on the tweeter for no apparent reason:


Looks like their really is trouble in hood paradise. Hit the flip to peep Key’s most recent posts about her failing marriage and hubby Daniel…

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