Yeen Know? Top 10 Countriest Rappers

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TI Have you ever listened to a southern rapper and smelled fresh fish grease, neckbones or open-face crown polish as they spit their southern-fried rappity-raps? Of course, but only a handful have that authentic southern charm that elevate them above the rest. Here are the ten countriest rappers in the game. Take a look.
Yo-Gotti-dope Yo Gotti The thick-drawled Memphis rapper is one of the countriest human beings on Earth who pronounces "music" as "MURSICK." How can you not LOVE Gotti?
TI T.I. Tip Huxtable is 100% raw, uncut, born-in-a-cottonfield-country with one of the purest Atlanta accents you'll ever hear.
boosie forbes Boosie Hip-Hop's "Ratch" movement can be traced back to the Baton Rouge hero whose hilariously IGNANT bars made him a southern legend.
top4 Gucci Mane Everyone's favorite pregnant rapper hates syllables, punctuation and rocked a golden whisk around his neck without any shame. BURR.
trick-daddy6 Trick Daddy The beloved Miami rapper is a whole'notha special level of country who proudly rapped about eating mayonnaise sammiches.
Young-Dro-yellow-polo-366x550 Young Dro Known for his beautifully-colorful mind and light-bright Polo collection, it's impossible to hate the brilliant Bankhead poet.
rappers-2 Webbie There's nothing countrier than wearing pajamas to Wal-Mart. Only Webbie.
"Juvenile Slaps a Chick in the Face" Juvenile Where were you the first time you heard "Ha?" Quite possibly the countriest collection of questions ever asked.
return-of-4eva Big K.R.I.T. The incredibly-talented Mississippi bumpkin is still somewhat unknown but there's no denying his love for ALL things country.
yelawolf Yelawolf He's proudly white trashy with an ILL flow as one of Alabama's most successful rappers. Topsy/Instagram

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