SMH: University Of Alabama Denies Photoshopping Black Boy’s Head Onto White Body For Website Photo

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What is wrong with this picture?

University Of Alabama Denies Putting Black Head On White Body In Photo

Administrators from the University of Alabama are shooting down accusations that they photoshopped a young black man’s face onto the body of a white person in a photo on the school’s website.

via The Daily Dot

On first glance, you might not notice anything unusual about the diverse group of students on the University of Alabama homepage. Dressed in graduation gowns, they’re congratulating each other and shaking hands.

If you look closely, though, the hands of the black student in the photo appear a little lighter than his face. Could it be that Alabama Photoshopped a black kid’s head on a white kid’s body in an attempt to inflate its minority representation? (It wouldn’t be the first time.)

That’s the consensus on Reddit, where someone posted a link to the University of Alabama homepage with the headline “Alabama Photoshops Black People Onto Their Main Website.”

Hmmmmm we can’t really call it. Do you think the photo looks suspect?

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