Christina Milian Talks About Mariah and Nick Cannon’s Age Difference

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Apparently Christina Milli still is not over the breakup with Nick Cannon. She recently commented on the age difference between Nick and Mariah:

The singer/actress states, “I think because of the age difference, it’s going to work out for them, because she seems really happy and he brings a youthful energy. He’s a good person to be around.”

Well, glad to see she got over it in a timely manner. Was that a shot at Mariah’s age in there?  SMH.



  • Reesie....of Cephus and Reesie

    Girl get over it…..

  • Suga MO

    Y would Chrisi wanna be self cuddling with a gorilla?

  • Middle Finger--stand UP!

    I wish she would stop commenting on her ex. Move on with your life. Stop allowing the media whores draw you in to make you look like a chocolate face Jennifer Aniston. If he’s not that into you just find someone else who is. Get a freakin hobby, write a good song. Learn how to dance go to African dance class.

  • Suga MO




  • Fake Left Titty

    I don’t like that dudes face either. Wear a condom girl also make him put sarin wrap on your cooch before he licks it. As a matter of fact have him tested. His eyes look snakish to me.

  • ♥ pYnK....

    oh quit looking into shit Bossip, she made a nice brief statement and ya all wanna dissect it to death…

  • Teeza

    Christina doesn’t look happy and The Dream looks super happy to have the “paps” snappn pictures of him..

  • Kiss My Ass Bossip

    I agree 100% with Why and Teeza sh*t all on that fat milk dud The Dream, someone take her ass to get her eyes checked, and her and Nick were over years ago I remember reading his interview is Sister 2 Sister so she needs to get over it or maybe she’s mad cos he never married her

  • hello goodbye



    She aint sweating Nick. She made a simple statement and did it without hating.

  • alexandra

    that comment is probably out of context, you guys are only reading part of the comment… dont get caught up with the media…

  • lita

    christina gets on my nerves all these talented girls out here like India Arie, Alicia keys, Mary j, Keyshia, Mariah, Whitney, Christia Aguilera.


  • Cheanea

    she’s a hatin ho and trust the hood dont support no tricks like her

  • charles

    she cute but she cant sing. (how peeps even mention mariah in the same sentence with her, mariah is like a ICON or something)

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