Racist Trayvon Costume Sparks Outrage

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top1 While everyone was enjoying costume parties or Horror movie marathons, three proud racists posted photos of themselves dressed as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman because, well, the tragic murder of a Black teen is "hilarious" to them. Naturally, their highly-offensive costumes sparked widespread outrage, endless death threats on their Facebook/Instagram pages and forced them to delete ALL the pics like they never happened. Here's a complete breakdown of the racist costume saga. Take a look.
collage Meet Caitlin Cimeno, mother of two from Massachusetts (by way of Florida) who thought posting this disgusting photo was a great idea (and #funny). Only a proud (and completely-idiotic) racist would post this with her full name, pics of her kids at school and selfies in her work attire on a public Instagram profile.
Turns out that Caitlin is an attention-thirsty bigot with no problem spewing hatred on public forums. BXl1lbTCEAEaYEm
bxjd3myciaaagbw The other two proud racists are William Filene (left, in hoodie and Blackface/mask) who, according to The Smoking Gun, is a convicted felon and Greg Cimeno (right, dressed as George Zimmerman) who thought the costume was "fawking hilarious!!!”
Caitlin & Greg are clearly cut from the same KKK sheet. BXje4pwCYAAp33o
Once the pic hit Black Twitter, isht got real. luvvie asia ruined
Caitin deleted the pics hours later, changed her Instagram name and locked her profile like screen capture technology doesn't exist. gone car1
It was tweeted and later reported that she currently works at Mad Martha's which may not be true. BXjeWJcCcAEU4SS tom alleged
At some point, she definitely worked at Mad Martha's in Mass. caitlin-cimeno-photos-3
fired (Reportedly) unemployed with two kids and countless threats on her life? We doubt it was worth it.
end "Post-racial America" in 2013 and things are only getting worse. Topsy/Instagram/Pinterest/AwesomelyLuvvie

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