The Lee Simmons Girls are Caring

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Kimora Lee Simmons and Kids

Kimora Lee, Ming Lee, and Aoki Lee Simmons head out with bags of Baby Phat for the children at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York.

It’s good to see them out supporting the pediatric patients especially with the holidays coming up so soon, but we wonder what they gave the boy patients.  Cute kids.


  • Blk King and Queen

    Its always a good look, giving back to the community that supports you!

  • Say What?

    Do the kids in the pediatric ward of a hospital need baby phat clothing? I think not. That was a marketing thing not a community service event.


    Nice try Kimora and the Lee-Simmons kids.

  • jen

    It is good that Kimora is teaching them the gift of giving, because they are a little spoiled. They need to do something.

  • jen

    Grant it, it is Baby phat clothing

  • Melissa

    Kimora gives me homicidal feelings.

  • NaNaNaNaaa

    those are about to be some fly looking sick kids *wipes eyes* if there is a God then he wouldn’t allow kids to go sick .. ever! happy thanksgiving … NOT .. I need to be on a reservation somewhere drinking my arse off and cursing pale skin for stealing this damn country! :(

  • bee bee

    the boys appeared to hve gotten hand held games

  • Jus Another Opinion

    The mother is still a witch. At her house in Jersey, she has a separate entrance for the “hired help” a raggedy back door entrance with a big ass sign on it. Is this the 1950, still treating folks like that. Anyway I will say them kids are so cute, just hope they won’t take after their mother!!!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Those girls are adorable…

    Ya know, if I was living that kind of lifestyle, I’d have my “staff” come through a separate entrance. I won’t have a sign up though, that’s a bit much. Think about it, do you want folks, at all times of the day or night going in and out of your front door?

  • Baby Please

    It’s good she’s teaching them the gift of giving.

  • jazzyphile

    Wouldn’t that be the same as if Jay-Z’s kids (if he had any) giving away the American Gangster cd to kids at a hospital?

  • 6 Figgas

    Don’t be naive. It’s just a charitable donation tax write-off under the guise of giving.

  • kelis

    Those are some of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen.

  • razz and jazz

    beautiful kids!

  • Yes I Said It & I Meant It Too

    It’s funny that they’re giving away the Baby Phat clothing line to the sick kids wearing Burberry.

    Shouldn’t Ming and Aoki be wearing Baby Phat too?! Is it just me or is something not right with this picture?!

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