10 Least Surprising Divorces Of All Time

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Least Surprising Divorces Of All Time

Some divorces take us off guard. They make us cry. They make us worry for the institute of marriage. These, though...these divorces were written on the wall damn near from the moment the couples said their vows.
kim-kardashian-kris-humphries-500x315 Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries - Anyone see this lasting? Okay, 72 days was a little short but still.
eminem and kim Eminem and Kim - So the marriage between Eminem and the woman he said he'd put in the trunk and kill didn't work? Oh.
Chad-Ochocinco-Johnson-and-Evelyn-Lozada-Wedding Chad and Evelyn - These crazy lovebirds were...well...crazy.
katietom Tom Kat - Publicity stunt marriages don't work? What?
Whitney Houston Bobby Brown Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown - She was too good for Bobby.
DV8 Ike and Tina - Too much violence can ruin a good thing, we guess.
khloe kardashian 090909 Khloe and Lamar - (Though they haven't filed yet....) They're Kardashians remember?
will_smith_jada_pinkett_smith_640_bbedder_102054071-e1314130348263 Will and Jada - Will's been doing his own thing and a split has been in the cards for a while...it's not official yet, but we see it coming.
* USHER WEDS FOSTER IN ATLANTA Usher and Tameka - Everyone doubted this one...yup.

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