10 Celebrities Who Failed At Rehab

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Celebrities Who Failed Rehab

Rehab. It's supposed to be a place for healing and getting your life together, but these celebrities didn't quite fare that well. Instead, they went to rehab, relapsed and went back again...or just stayed happy in their relapsing. Whatevs. Take a look at some failed rehab attempts.
lohan-cover-shot Lindsay Lohan - She's tried rehab like fifty-leven times and it's never worked.
lamar odom and tmz Lamar Odom - He was in rehab for one day...and he's doing great, right?
dmx DMX - He tried and tried and tried...and even went on television for it.
alg-cigar-charlie-sheen-jpg Charlie Sheen - Yeah. He has a lifetime membership.
Eminem Eminem - He went to rehab, relapsed then finally got himself straight.
zac efron Zac Efron - He went to rehab twice last year. Goodness.
*EXCLUSIVE* Bad Boy Bobby Brown falls off the wagon with a late night liquor store stop Bobby Brown - He's been in and out a few times...it's his prerogative. Get it?
whitney-houston-ray-j-e1290276034720 Whitney Houston - She went a couple of times...maybe to avoid Ray J.
67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room Robert Downey, Jr. - He spent the entire 90s in rehab.
Oscar de la Hoya Oscar De La Hoya - He went to rehab a couple of times, too...hmmm.

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