9 Celebs Who Bailed On The Bill

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pilar-sanders-emotiona-statement-domestic-assault You would think credit card and restaurant bills are a drop in the bucket for your faves,  but even some of the richest celebs have been caught not paying the tab. Here are 9 celebrities who got put on blast for allegedly not paying a bill.
1aatyga3 Tyga Tyga was sued by a Beverly Hills jeweler for bailing on $186,306 worth of bling. The rapper denied the allegations on Twitter.
DRAKE2 Drake Drizzy was accused of owing his personal shopper-stylist $40,000. The stylist requested compensation for his expenses and an award for breach of contract.
Jay-Z, Beyonce in Green dress Jay Z In June 2013, iSource NYC sued Rocawear for failing to pay a $450,000 shipment order. Jay's company was reportedly in the red.
EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna at the state funeral of the late Prime Minister of Barbados David Thompson Rihanna The company who threw a lavish funeral/party for her grandma Dolly sued the bad gal saying she owed $150,000. Rihanna clapped back by saying they overcharged and that she paid the bill in full.
pilar-sanders-emotiona-statement-domestic-assault Pilar Sanders In May 2013, Pilar was sued by credit card company Capitol One for not paying her $6,000 bill.
neyo Ne-Yo Ne-Yo and his entourage allegedly racked up an $800 tab at restaurant Negril and walked out. If he had been a regular person, that azz would have been in jail.
bow wow Bow Wow Bow Wow allegedly owed his bank $25,000 in repossession fees after getting his Lambo snatched.
foxy-brown Foxy Brown In 2004, Foxy laid the smackdown on a two manicurists after trying to walk out on a $20 bill. She pleaded not guilty to assault charges and was put on probation. She also took anger management classes.
lauryn-hill-bizardo-21 Lauryn Hill Besides being evicted and serving 3 months in jail for tax evasion, she was also sued by her guitarist for not paying him the $3,590 she owed since 2007.

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