Suge Knight Calls Jimmy Iovine Member Of KKK, Disses Diddy’s Hollywood Star [VIDEO]

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Former Death Row CEO, Suge Knight never plays coy when dealing with the media. His latest encounter with TMZ was exactly what you would expect when posed with on-the-spot questioning. He is infamously known for calling out Bad Boy Records at the 1995 Source Awards as well as his run-ins with the law. When approached about his choice in costumes for Halloween this year, his response was nothing short of inflammatory. “I’m going to be Jimmy Iovine,” the former record executive quipped…





Some rap stars pulled out all the stops for Halloween this year. Miley Cyrus channeled Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj was, well, unclothed, and now photos of Drake donning a mask a la Kanye West surface via Instagram. Washington D.C. was the locale, as the OVO rapper was in town on the “Would You Like A Tour?” But backstage, he rocked a similar outfit as the one Yeezy sports on his Yeezus tour…






In West Indian culture, there’s this…ritual that if a woman is trying to trap a man, all she has to do is drop a little of her menstrual blood in his food, preferably spaghetti. Ms. Prada has a song called “Voodoo Pus$y” and the black community, for right or wrong, has long hypothesized about the hold Erykah Badu and her green eyes have over the men in Hip Hop. Now, some may find these type of speculations derogatory or, I don’t know, sexist. However, women have powers they don’t often utilize. So, it’s not such a leap to speculate that the Kardashian women have…something going on…






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