Encore! The Biggest On Stage Temper Tantrums

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The Biggest On Stage Temper Tantrums

Artists are prima donnas and we know it. That’s why when they get on stage they have these freak out temper tantrums. These artists hopped on stage, acted like babies and made everyone uncomfortable. Way to go.

Justin Bieber Shirtless

Justin Bieber – He recently flipped out in Brazil and walked off stage after someone knocked the mic out of his hand with a water bottle.

Justin Bieber blunt feat

Justin Bieber Again – A few months ago, he caught a cell phone that was thrown on stage and he put it in his pants. Like, the naughty part.


Kanye’s Rants – Last year when Kim was pregnant, Yeezy was on tour abroad and was snapping on everything, including Justin Timberlake for no reason.

APTOPIX MTV Video Music Awards Show

Kanye Again – The Taylor Swift thing totally happened.

R. Kelly performs live in Florida

R. Kelly – He called off the Best Of Both World tour because he said Jigga’s crew maced him on stage. Say what?


Kid CuDi – He hauled off and punched a fan a few years back.


Lauryn Hill – She did…whatever she does…to make fans hate her. Her on-stage meltdowns were always legendary.

lupe in hooska

Lupe Fiasco – He spent 30-minutes singing the same anti-Obama song to troll the people who invited him.


Katt Williams – The meltdown king. SMH.


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