For the Stans: Your Weekend Beyonce Crack

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Beyonce Dancers

Here is a pic of Beyonce’s back up male dancers with their shirts off. Oh wee, if at least one of these dudes are straight, Jay better watch his back. There’s nothing like a blue-collared working man and his chiseled body to turn a woman away from her wealthy significant other with man-titties.

View more pics of her and her dancers right about now…

Beyonce Dancers3Beyonce Dancers2Beyonce Dancers4

Beyonce Dancers5Beyonce Dancers6


  • Ooh, That's my tra-la-la

    So special about these ex Chippendale Dancers? Lmao. Ick.But ah, I will be making that third neegro my sex slave &&` feed him bat dropping at night &&` he can live in my basement.

    Tra-la – OUT.

  • linn

    WHY do men like to be around each other with their shirts off. Suspect!

  • AlyCat

    SMH thats all i gots ta say

  • Lynn1

    Beyonce is DEF not going anywhere. She and Jay have invested to much time just to let it all go for a chiseled body. Besides, it’s true love for them.

  • Lovely

    HA, that’s funny.

    But, I’m sure that Jay doesn’t have to fret over those dudes possibly not being “bend-overs.”

    It’s obvious that Bee has a thing for man-titties, she’s been playing with his for what 2, 3 years now? ;-)

  • jena 4rm tha block

    tra-la-la what mental institute did you escape from?

  • ???

    what in the lacefront wearing hell beyonce…




  • levity

    Yup…they’re gay! I’ve seen them at gay clubs and have had male friends who’ve had sex with them. I’m not saying the ones I know, but… the ones that try to look the hardest are the ones who are really effeminate. You’d be surprised. Trust!

  • Ooh, That's my tra-la-la

    ^^ some people will say ANYTHING For attn.

  • Tina

    I wish she would dump Jay Z Camel man, cause she can do so much better than him, besides Joe Camel is pushing 40, not to mention that he is some kind of ugly.

  • msblacknasty1

    eeeewwwwww yuck she stank so what eva any body thats ask that you dont wear deoderant or cologne is nasty nasty bey prolly ole natural eww musty dat nasty lacefront musty no singing country latino SOB ….lololooloooooooooololol

  • Ja

    ^^^^Somebody please translate this for me.

  • Miss Beasley

    LMAO at Ja…ya know! Y’all kill me…

  • ebz01

    wow didn’t expect all these crazy reactions…. gay, bi or w/e…. the nuccas is hot.

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