Bad Calls: Men With The Worst Choices Of Groupies

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Famous Men With Horrible Groupie Choices

Groupies are all around. Everyone in any profession from NBA star to plumber has groupies. They're not special. So why is it that these famous men ended up with some horrible choices in groupies?
arnold schwarzenegger 3 151012 Arnold Schwarzenegger - The help? Talk about crapping where you sleep.
lil-wayne-and-princess-saralyn-e1342125227682 Lil Wayne - He let some random jump off snap a pic of him and put it on Twitter.
Charles BARKLEY Tiger WOODS Tiger Woods - lots of dumpy looking Becky love. Ew.
Justin Bieber Shirtless Bieber - Brazilian hookers? Smarten up Biebz.
KarrineWayne Anyone Who Picked Superhead - Especially after the book came out.
Chad Ochocinco Johnson Chad Ocho Cinco - His nasty side chick was terrible. Bring it a little better next time.
marcus jordan Marcus Jordan - He pays off adult stars for his chop downs? With dad's money, too?
Bill Clinton Bill Clinton - Alllll of his jump offs have been slop dogs.
soulja-boy-lamborghini-chain Soulja Boy -Superhead AND Kat Stacks though? Not enough penicillin in the world.

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