Barbados is Tired of Rihanna

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The editorial section of a Barbados newspaper put Rihanna on blast today:

I AM TIRED of opening my newspaper to find Rihanna headlines; Rihanna this and Rihanna that. Give it a rest!

People talking about her putting Barbados on the map is nonsense. Barbados was well on the map before she came along; and will be when she is gone. I read a comment written in the DAILY NATION, November 20, about giving her a big welcome each time she comes home. I do not believe she gives her schedules to anyone here, anyway. She comes and goes when she pleases.

All her achievements are hers and I have not seen her do anything spectacular. Where was her donation back in September for the Brittons Hill tragedy? I have nothing against the young woman. More power to her.

But when sensible Barbadians write what to my mind is rubbish in the paper, I feel the need to comment



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