Aw, Poor Thang: N-Word-Droppin’ White Baller Richie Incognito Says It’s Wrong To Call Him A Racist! [Video]

Richie Incognito

Time for that good ol’ white privilege to kick in…

Richie Incognito Says He’s Not A Bully Or A Racist

For over a week now, Miami Dolphins offensive (named very appropriately in this case) lineman, Richie Incognito, has been under intense scrutiny and criticism for a vulgar and racially insensitive voice mail that he left for his “friend” Jonathan Martin.

In his first interview since the isht hit the fan, Richie claims that his heart is as pure as the driven (white) snow…

We know NFL locker rooms are a cesspool of ignorance, but at some point shouldn’t have SOMEONE invited Redneck Richie to a formal fade??

Image via YouTube

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