We Don’t Believe You: 10 Celebs Who Try Too Hard To Be Cool

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Miley-Cyrus-2224429 There's nothing more pathetic than someone TRYING to be cool. Or edgy. Or anything that should come naturally and never be forced. But it's quite common among boring, corny or robotic celebs who actively try to convince us that they're cool when it's obvious they're not. Here are ten celebs who try WAY too hard to be cool. Take a look.
miley-cyrus-2013-emas Miley Cyrus The boyish-built thirstball rocked a Biggie & Pac dress because that's what Black culture-obsessed white chicks do. But, let's be real, Black women don't even rock Biggie & Pac dresses.
405252-kim-kardashian-in-new-avatar-showing-off-her-golden-teeth Kim Kardashian Kimmie K. is a beautiful woman and not much else. When she speaks or attempts to step outside her "Beautiful Mannequin" box, we cringe.
beyonce-grill-teaser-600x450 Beyonce Rihanna is gleefully-filthy and, well, cool. Queen Beysus is a bedazzled onesie-wearing robot with a carefully-calculated persona. It is what it is.
2012 NBA All-Star Game Drake Drizzy knows he's an incredibly-talented cornball (like Kanye or J. Cole) who thirsts after a dead woman and refuses to completely embrace his corny.
Kelly-Rowland-KissesDown-Low Kelly Rowland Kelendria is sweet as pie and tries waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard to be "edgy." At some point, she has to ditch the struggly coochie jams ("Kisses Down Low?" Really?) and embrace her good girly next door-ness.
justin-bieber-lip-gloss A$AP Bieber Like Miley, Biebs does everything possible to shed his Chuck E. Cheese-friendly image and comes off as desperate.
lady-gaga-rkelly-snl-650-430 Lady Gaga The weirdo Pop Goddess went from splattering blood everywhere during freakish performances to dry humping R. Kelly/collabing with Too Short, Twista and T.I. on her new album. Uhhh no.
PiMadonna Madonna 900-years-old with an open-faced grill and rappity-rap beats on her last album? WHY? For WHO? Most of her fans are basically 40 (or dead).
riffrafftorres Riff Raff Everything about the clownish struggle rapper is forced and unnecessary which clearly doesn't matter to his fans. All 12 of them.
Paris Hilton drinks a 40 ounce of Colt 45 with Snoop Dogg Paris Hilton She signed with Cash Money and morphed into a filthy rich hoodrat which doesn't even make sense, on any level.

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