Angry Bird Struggle Rapper Azealia Banks Twitter Rants About Unsupportive Pharrell, “Light Skin Ni**as Are Funny”

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This weird azz broad is always mad about something…

Azealia Banks Goes On Angry Twitter Rant About Pharrell Williams

Despite the fact that her career is permanent failure to launch, NYC rapper Azealia Banks has always found a way to be more relevant on Twitter than on the radio, TV, or stage. Today is just another shining example of her uncanny ability to whine, b!tc#, and complain about her unfortunate set of circumstances.

Her newest single “ATM Jam” featuring Pharrell (Anyone? Bueller?) has not been as successful as she would like, but instead of brushing the dirt off her shoulders and retreating to the recording booth, she is on Twitter blaming Skateboard P for the song’s failure.

Flip it over to read Azealia’s feather-flappin’ rant.

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