9 Celebs With Nasty Attitudes

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Naomi Campbell Celebrities can be very demanding with all the pressures of fame. Some handle it well and others act like brats. Here are 9 celebs with nasty attitudes.
NickiMariahfeat Nicki Minaj Nicki cussed Mariah out like it was nobody's business on American Idol. We almost forgot we were watching the show for the talent and not the cat fights.
rihannasigapore Rihanna Rih Rih mocked poor Teyana... for sounding better than her? The bad gal also cussed her band out for being offbeat.
azealia-banks_pharrell_atmjam_missjia Azealia Banks "Light skin n****s are funny." Angry bird Azealia Banks went on a Twitter rant aimed at Pharrell after her single with the artist, "ATM Jam" was a failure to launch just like her career.
Kanye West allegedly attacks paparazzo at LAX Kanye West Kanye is always yelling and catching fade with the paparazzi and spazzed on Jimmy Kimmel via Twitter. They made up, but why does Kanye stay mad?
Michael Fassbender and Nicole Beharie Nicole Beharie Nicole bit her stylist Joyce Gilliard for not washing her hands. Poor Joyce had to go to the hospital for a tetanus shot plus hepatitis and HIV testing.”
foxy-brown Foxy Brown The Ill Na Na's bad attitude is legendary. Foxy decked two manicurists over a $20 bill. If you can't pay the bill then you probably shouldn't get your nails done ma.
Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell Don't fawk with Naomi. She hit her assistant with a cellphone and allegedly blackballed Vlad's new boo thang Model Luo Zilin.
Richie Incognito Richie Incognito Threatening to murk Jonathan Martin's family and isht in his mouth is not sportsmanship.
Michelle-Keyshia-Cole Keyshia Cole Keyshia accused Michelle of fawking the groove up during the Destiny's Child Superbowl performance. They kissed and made up, but mean girl Keyshia  knew Michelle couldn't take that.

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