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Jermaine Jackson

Here are some pics of Jermaine Jackson leaving Dorchester Hotel in London. He is looking pretty decent for someone with no income to support his eight children.

Jermaine Jackson2Jermaine Jackson3

Images via WENN


  • JetsFan

    The California Raisin himself

  • MzGapeach

    Lol @ Jets fan

    anyways who in the hell would fucc him that many times to produce 8 children?

  • NubianGoddez

    ROTFLMBAO @ He is looking pretty decent for someone with no income to support his eight children.

  • Royal Chocolate

    This is the only pic I’ve seen of him without Vaseline all over his face.

  • kia

    my god, you know he could make a fortune if he hooked up with proactiv!!! we see his greasy ass forehead clear up, i swear i’ll be the first one in line!!!

  • Baby Please
  • Harlem Chic


    Yall know that just because someone look nice don’t mean they got money. In the ghetto the brokest nuggas are the ones that look the nicest. He ain’t homeless; he’s just cash poor.

    At least Jermaine still regular black.

  • jen

    That is just sad that he made all that money over the years and he has nothing to show for it.

    Not to mention babies mamas are living with his mama

    Lesson to learn for all, nothing last forever, secure your investments.

  • b

    This man or no one is his family is poor. They have that old money. Do you know how much royalty they get everytime one of their songs are played. Plus all the songs he wrote and produced in the late 70’s and eighties.

    The broke one is the owner of this so call blog and all of us who comment on these people leading the lives we wish we could.

  • Kimberly

    DAMN!!! I thought that was a blow up doll next to him or his brother Michael!

  • Shawn08

    I am truly disappointed in Jermaine. How can you say you can’t afford to pay child support an be dressed like this????

  • Jus Another Opinion

    Who knows his baby momma getting a job in retail she might see Amil and Olivia and they all can form a girl group or something. Creativity is the word!

  • ohnoudient

    They all look like mannequins. Even their women are starting to look strange. Must be something in the water


    He look pretty handsome and stylish… I like his clothes

  • WhereAreTheSylvers

    It is sad he couldn’t find a woman that was not his brother Randy’s ex-wife. He is a low life & so is she. She is getting what she deserves & he will get his. The Jacksons have played out. Where are the Sylvers? Edmund R.I.P. Love the Sylvers. : – )

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