Chit-Chatter: Mariah Carey Talks Nick Calling Himself “Mr. Carey,” Diddy Chop Down Rumors, Nicki Minaj And More

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On doing American Idol:
Honestly, I hated it. Here’s what it was, I was the first person singed on. I don’t wanna say anything that’s gonna look like I’m saying something negative but, honestly I thought it was gonna be a 3-person panel…and they gave me, like, a nice dangling monetary number and I was ‘oh, ok, Randy Jackson will be there, I’ve known him forever,,,this isn’t a big deal, it’ll be good.’ But it wasn’t that. It was like going to work everyday in hell with satan. [Laughs}

No, I’m just playing. It didn’t affect me that much.

On Nick calling himself  “Mr. Carey” &  joking about their relationship:
He can call himself what ever he wants. My thing is, in his world, he feels in the world of comedy that he can have license to say the things that he wants to say. But, if it goes too far, that doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna say: ‘can we have a discussion, please? I didn’t care for it.’

For me, I look at certain relationships in the public eye and I’m like ‘see, that’s class when you don’t have to talk about the relationship that much’ So, I would prefer that he silencio a little bit.

In so many words, Nicki has pretty much described working with Mariah the same way so, no surprises there! You can peep the full, slightly comical, Hot 97 interview HERE with Mariah talking Diddy & Qtip chop down rumors, “new chicks” needing to pay their dues and more.

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