Filthy Politics: 10 Most Infamous City Mayors

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top At this point, it's nearly impossible to trust politicians who lie even when they're telling the truth. Mostly corrupt and low-key freaky, it's never shocking when politicians are caught up in national scandals. Here are the ten most infamous Mayors. Take a look.
1 Rob Ford Toronto's wildly-reckless Mayor turns up without ever turning down and recently admitted to smoking dope while in office. Juicy J of Mayors? No question.
gty_marion_berry_jef_120607_wblog Marion Berry Before Rob Ford, there was Marion Barry who smoked rocks and even survived an assassination attempt while effectively running a murder-happy D.C.
1255471558741 Kwame Kilpatrick Detroit's once beloved "Hip-Hop Mayor" was recently sentenced to 28 years in prison after committing an endless list of crimes while in office.
brewerscandal Eric Brewer The progressive East Cleveland Mayoral candidate who got caught up in a bizarre cross-dressing scandal during his campaign? Yep, that's him/her.
sharpe Sharpe James He was living the LIFE as Mayor of Newark--$200,000 salary, billing the city for HIS expenses and selling his boo city land for the low--before being found guilty on ALL federal charges.
antonio-villaraigosa-los-angeles Antonio Villaraigosa L.A.'s former slimeball Mayor was caught creepin' on his wife with a popular news anchor (who was also married) and run out of office.
Shelia Dixon Sheila Dixon Corruption, bribery and robbery of city funds via gift cards (Yes, gift cards). Just a few of the several charges levied against the disgraced Baltimore Mayor.
Bell+CA+Residents+Demand+Resignation+City+ShexT5qa4v0l Oscar Hernandez He was the appointed Mayor of Bell, California popped for corruption/paying members of the Southside 18th street gang to persuade residents to keep him as mayor. No, seriously.
fil Bob Filner The creepy San Diego Mayor resigned after countless women accused him of mistreatment and was found guilty of false imprisonment/misdemeanor battery.
James-Fladung-9151616_182671_ver1 James Fladung The Ault, Colorado Mayor was busted on domestic violence charges and was so wasted that he famously broke the breathalyzer. Topsy/CNN/

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